Prescott Adventure

Often we go to Prescott, Ontario to enjoy dinner at the Wok House. It's the BEST Chinese food I have EVER had.  You THINK you've had Chinese food before. You THINK it all tastes the same.  Well, it doesn't.  It is made with all fresh ingredients. I mean, literally, you can taste the difference. Even if you've had your taste buds burned off in a freak fajita incident, you can taste the difference. Take the Wok House Challenge! I dare you!  

Anyway, this post is not about the Wok House, sadly.  I wish every post was about that though.

I have heard people refer to Prescott as the "slums of Canada."  Well, it's the Ritz Carlton if you're comparing it to it's New York neighbor.  I didn't take a picture of the houses because I didn't want to be too sketchy..... but the architecture is really quite interesting and different. I fell in love with the buildings there.  Next time, I'll share those.  Maybe.

One thing about the cemetery I want to point out is that the Canadians or at least the Prescottish folk like to take care of their own.  You know those old thin, broken in half headstones that are all over our cemeteries? The ones that are so old and faded that you can barely make out the wording? The ones that they just prop the top half against the bottom half? Well, someone constructed some sort of a frame to keep the two pieces together.   Even the run down buildings in Prescott have boarded up windows.  But guess what the Canadians do? They painted the boards to look like paintings of windows with flowers and lace curtains!! So the rundown buildings are STILL pretty to look at.   But this post isn't about that either.

What is it about?