3 Month Session: Scarlett Azalea

Three months into this world. Three months of becoming the most adorable baby on the planet.

Little Scarlett Azalea came into the studio today for her three month session.  Right away, upon seeing her in person and not just on her mom's Facebook page, I thought .... DOLL!  She has such striking facial features that her adorable little face should be a template for baby dolls!

If you're loving that little heart bunting/banner in the portrait above, then give Megan a shout at Bridge Creek Cottage (click) Megan made this with love for me! She specializes in extravagant ornate burlap wreaths and makes them to order in any number of themes and colors. 

So many facial expressions.  So petite and dainty.  This little princess is sure to charm her way into  many hearts or any situation. Watch out mom! When she starts to get into stuff and make messes, one look into those blue eyes and your heart will melt. <3