Caroline S: Professional Headshots

One of the stars of Kreepy Hollow stopped by for a spell ....

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When you first meet this actress the first thing you notice is that she has a tiny frame.  She seems younger than her stated years. 


But then ... she moves.  


And as she moves, it is with purpose and discipline.  She is the picture of grace and elegance.  Her face bears the look of focus. Of determination. Of confidence.  

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And why wouldn't she? For she is a competitive dancer.  She and her dance team through Tap to Toe just took second place in a national dance competition in Ocean City, Maryland! Way To Go Caroline!!! 

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Then ... she leaps.

It's like the air grabs ahold of her body and carries her where she wants to go; spinning her around as if the very air itself is her dance partner. 

Then ... she rests.

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... or does she?

For she is also an actress as I previously mentioned.  She is a performer! She has taken voice lessons for the past two years.  She currently performs in a coffeehouse series and showcases with the Musical Way Academy.

 .... And did we mention St. John's Conservatory? Well, just to name a few stage productions here in Ogdensburg, she has performed in award winning playwright Richard O'Donnell's (pen name Brasillia R. Kreep) "Christmas Carol," playing the role of Dustbin.  She has also performed in "Orchard of Hide and Seek" in the role of Lorcan Gallagher.  And finally, she is currently rehearsing her role as Etta Hobbs in "Kreepy Hollow" which opens the weekend of October 26-29, 2017. (Some references list the show as "Kreepy Hallow").  This is a girl who at the young age of 13 has a lot of acting experience under her belt.  We are honored to have photographed her spirit. Speaking of which.....

Do you recall at the beginning when I said that she appears younger than her stated age? This young girl can pull off multiple ages and would can perfectly cover a range of ages (casting directors take note).

Look at some of these expressions..... I see wisdom that far exceeds her stated age.  She is absolutely brilliant. Although I can ..... can YOU think of different roles that these expressions could land her?  She is also the master at looking sad and scared.

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This beautiful girl has a promising future ahead of her.  She is multi-talented.   (I believe I read somewhere that she won a gingerbread house contest when she was about 7.)  Let's not forget that she is also stunning.  I believe the appropriate word is .... beautiful. Grace and beauty abound.

However .... she is also very goofy and funny.  I'd post a shot of her making a goofy face (on purpose), but I'd like to keep her as a client so .... maybe another time!

You can get your tickets here:

I already got mine! I can't wait to see Caroline on stage!  And ... you might recognize a few others there too!