C O L E   S I E B E L S

Do not miss your chance to see teenage heartthrob Cole Siebels playing a young Mr. Scrooge THIS weekend at the opening of B.R. Kreep's "Mr. Scrooge." 

For swooning privileges, it is a mere $15 at the door or pre-order online (brownpapertickets.com) for $10. 

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Who is this Cole we've been hearing so much about? Well, in addition to being easy on the eye, he has something called "the smarts."   This well-rounded 14-year old is a High Honor student in Gouverneur Middle School.  He has even performed at the state level with his involvement with Odyssey of the Mind. 

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This musically inclined lad is a member of the New York State School Music Association; and has sang in All-County Chorus.  During our session, it was mentioned that he has long, bony fingers and that suits him very well for playing the "earthy and mellow" viola in the All-County Orchestra.  Interestingly, that seems to describe him ... down to earth and mellow.

But wait .... THERE IS MORE! 

He's also an athlete.  He plays basketball and runs track and field for Gouverneur Central School District.  His abilities placed him in the New York State Championships for Cross Country (Varsity Track).

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He is aptly described as being witty, social, and kind.  There is a genuineness and kindness in his eyes and he has a sunny disposition to go with it.  He is also a Mumford & Sons fan!  He has been singing and acting since around the age of 6.

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In 2014 he was in the World Premiere of Richard O'Donnell's (AKA "Brazillia R. Kreep" AKA "B.R. Kreep") "Kreepy Christmas" playing the role of Cager.


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In 2015, he was in  the "New Variety Show" playing Cole, St. Lawrence Darling. 

In 2015, he was also in R. B. Kreepy's "Kreepy Hollow" playing the role of Thaddeus Frye.

In 2016, he played the Artful Dodger in "Twisted."

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Before and likely during the above mentioned roles, he also performed in numerous productions by the Missoula Children's Theater, the North Country Players, and at GCS.  

Some other roles and plays that he has under his belt:  

  • Munchkin Mayor in "Wizard of Oz."
  • Rooster in "Annie, Jr."
  • The lead of Willie Wonka in "Willie Wonka"
  • Karl the Giant in "Big Fish"
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Cole's dreams and life ambition include pursuing acting and a career in film. He has aspirations and inclinations towards writing, directing, and producing.  

I know that I will be there this weekend to watch the performance! .... and years from now I can say, "I knew him when …"

This devilishly handsome young man will be paired up with someone else you may remember ... Ogdensburg's own local sweetheart Hailey Weber. Hailey plays Young Scrooge's love interest in the play.

Many a teenager will be asking Santa for Cole in their stocking this year!

Good luck to you Cole in following your bliss now that you have found it!  Be brilliant~