2017 Seaway Festival Parade

We had the honor of walking with Julie's Dance Studio in this year's 57th Seaway Parade. The Seaway Festival spans just over a week and includes events such as a canoe race, fishing derby, Wine, Arts & Crafts Show, "Battle of the Bands," Karaoke, car show, and "Great Toilet Paper Toss." Of course, there is also an amusement park with rides and games as well as other events and goings-on with the local museum.   This is the period of time when many people who have left to pursue their careers or families, return home to reconnect before heading back to their lives.  It's so nice to see local talent paying homage to their roots.  In fact, the parade itself is fairly large in comparison to parades in neighboring towns (one parade was so small that it wasn't even listed in the papers as an activity; there were a total of five "acts" and one was a tractor and another was a police car).   People come from all over to participate.  So, I'm not going to say much more here; just going to share some images from people who participate in the parade.

57th parade Seaway-4.jpg
57th parade Seaway-15.jpg
57th parade Seaway-22.jpg
57th parade Seaway-27.jpg
57th parade Seaway-34.jpg
57th parade Seaway-101.jpg