Maternity: Ashley

Every once in awhile a client breezes in that simply makes you glad that you chose photography as a profession.  I put out a casting call looking for a model for a mama-to-be and Ashley answered the call. 

This was my first "real" maternity session. I had done two before but had no idea what I was doing and they were nothing like what I'm doing now. I can say I've grown over the past year.  Ashley went to Salon 1020 and met up with Cherie who styled her up!  She arrived at our small shack of a  studio looking simply gorgeous.

My friend/assistant Luanne demonstrated the poses we were trying to achieve.  We were all pretty much in this together as a bunch of noobs. 

Pictured above is Ashley in a very comfy maternity gown from The Citrus Branch.  It truly is comfortable. I mean like...I want to take it and use it for pajamas.  The material is extremely soft.  I had my doubts, but they have been assuaged! 


Look at the smile!! 

That's the thing with Ashley. She has this kind of contagious laugh. I mean, like there is this tiny woman with a hearty and heartfelt laugh. You find yourself laughing with her. 

After MANY different poses and angles with our attempt at backlighting (how did we do?), we moved on to the cobalt blue gown from vendor (littlebabymiracle) on Etsy.  The floral headband is a lovely little piece from LisasHenHouseDesigns (Etsy).

cobalt royal blue maternity gown.jpg

Ashley is a classy gal. She is up on all of the latest trends and was excited to be a part of this session.  Ashley's session is a 2-parter.  The first half is bump; the second half is baby.  However, there are some of the images from the first half will be composited into some from the second half. This is VERY exciting!  Stay Tuned for Part II!

If you are uncomfortable with seeing the these images then you should probably move on to the next blog entry or click on one of the vendors sites (as mentioned above) and not proceed.

The final image below is one such two-part image. You are seeing the first half. You will have to see the finished product in the future blog postings! Please stay tuned. Warning: The final image shows nudity and may not be suitable for all viewers. It is not this studio's intention to portray images that are inappropriate. Since we are showing it, we feel this is not only appropriate but is poetically beautiful and will become a timeless piece.  

Thank you for hanging out a spell with Ashley and I. Ashley's due date is rapidly approaching so send all kinds of love and prayers that her labor and delivery will be an easy one!