Family: Melanie & The Crew

When you first meet Melanie, you see a smile. A kind word. Some kind of supportive word. And a way to connect or identify. You see, Melanie is a kind person.  In a world where there becomes less and less to be kind about, she retains that kindness. She is a great person, beautiful inside and out.  And she has raised and is raising three great children.

The older boy is Alex.  He is serving in the U.S. Military.  Since these pictures were taken, Alex has become a husband and in a few months will become a doting father!  He is currently serving in the Marines. Semper Fi!  Always an honor and a privilege to photograph a serviceman.

The next in line is her daughter, Allison.  Allison is a little spitfire. She is full of vibrant life AND she is a budding photographer.  She was in awe of my camera and lenses.  I encourage anyone interested in the arts to pursue it.  I handed her the beast and she took a few pictures of her mom and fell in love with it. I'm not sure, but I think her mom stabbed me kindly a million times. This comes into play later, remember that. Allison. Camera.

Then we come to the next in line.  I swear when I saw his face, I was timewarped back to my own childhood and was watching "The Black Stallion." I swore that this lad could play the role of "Alec" in a remake of this film. Maybe it's the freckles. I don't know, for sure.  This member of the family plays the role of pranskter. Trickster.  I'm sure he will someday write a book called, "Everyday Practical Jokes for the April Fool's Day Enthusiast"  Although he may not be pleased to hear this, but he failed in his mission to thwart the photographer capturing nice images of him. Even with a grumpy face on, he totally rocks the mood.....and it worked :) Just when I was about to start calling him Grumpelstiltskin too.

We started out on the tracks. There was not a time that any of these beautiful people were in any danger. Well, except when a random woman crossed the tracks, doubled back, excitedly ranted about us being on a movie set, took our picture ...... twice, and then disappeared into the woods.

Sometimes it can be awkward when a boyfriend or girlfriend is present at a family photo session. In some families it is pretty strict, if you're not married you're not in the shots.  It's sometimes a tough situation if the relationship doesn't work out  and years later, you're trying to find a way to cut an ex out of pictures. Melanie is the type of person that doesn't want to exclude anyone....ever.  Melanie asked if we could include Alysha in some of the family photos.  Melanie has great foresight! Alysha is now a member of the family! Since the session took place, Alysha has accepted Alex's hand in marriage.  I have a feeling we will be seeing more of Alex & Alysha!  Congratulations you crazy kids! 


As a photographer, what makes a photo session great fun? Goofy and easy-going subjects.  This family is loaded with them.  See Exhibit A below.

And Exhibit B.

There are FOUR people....count them, 1, 2, 3, 4 people in this little ball in the sand.

There are FOUR people....count them, 1, 2, 3, 4 people in this little ball in the sand.

And this one.

And this one.

In case you hadn't noticed, we had moved to the beach.  Here are some of the shots taken on the tracks:

Remember earlier when I was talking about Austin being a prankster? Well, I was not kidding.  Please direct your attention to the scene I was trying to set up. Look at his face. He's up to something ..... No one else even has a clue. Melanie is smiling just because that's who she is.

Suddenly Allison comes flying off of the log and tells her mom there is something in her hair.  Melanie looks to see what it was. Austin is quite pleased with the recent turn of events and gains the spot next to Alex.

Now, Melanie realizes what it is and reacts.  The boys .... also react.

Melanie picks the bird ox out of Allison's hair.

Melanie picks the bird ox out of Allison's hair.

Remember that sweet spunky girl, Allison? The one who wants to be a photographer? She came by a few nights ago with Melanie to pick the pictures they wanted in their canvas collection and she told me that she got a camera for Christmas and began to express how she had wanted a Canon.  Because Allison was an avid photographer-to-be, I had let her take a few pictures of her mom. One such image is below.....


I, of course, had to unzip my camera bag and pull out The Beast. No, Sweet Allison, your mom got it right! Might as well start out right with a Nikon!  Ny-Kahn or Knee-Kahn.  I mean, look at this gorgeous picture you took of your beautiful mom!

There were many great images in this session and I'd post more however I've been here for three hours and my site just started giving me errors. So, on that note, I shall end this entry!  We shall see this family again.