Newborn: Colden Matthew

I had the honor to photograph my first newborn of the new year! Little Colden Matthew came into the world right on New Year's Day.  He joins his mother Dana, father Steve, and BIG BRO Evan. The session was a long one and there were many lessons that I learned that day. 

Little brothers look up to their big brothers. Even with their eyes closed.H


Hats are great! I had two sets of these rush ordered to get here in time for the session.

Colden's parents brought a dump truck along.  Oddly, it was snowing inside the house (kidding) but the truck did not get stuck in it. In fact, we had to get creative to make sure this was as safe as humanly possible.  In case you are wondering, we made it so the truck would not roll AND his parents were on either side with their hands only inches away from him. Photoshop is a wonderful thing!

A split second after this was taken, Mr. Colden flipped the bear off of the shot.