Senior Session: Kate K

Spotlight on Kate: Senior Portrait Sessions

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When asked, Kate said that her friends would describe her as fun.  She describes herself as nice.  Really, those words are true, however there are much better words to describe her. I have known Kate for many years and one of the words that I would use is assertive.  This is a girl who is able to take a stand for herself and make her wants and needs clear without being rude or disrespectful.  This is a skill set that some people work their entire lives to attain and she has it down already!

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Another word is responsible.  Before she was a teenager, she was interested in babysitting and highly qualified to do the job. As a teenager she often stepped up to watch her two younger siblings when necessary so that the household could keep moving forward as all of the siblings in her household have always been very involved in activities.  She is very family-oriented and has a very close bond with them. In addition to her many extracurricular activities, she has a job and pays bills; including a car payment.  Kate has the savvy and is well on her way  to a life of success and greatness. Responsibility means having the ability to respond.  No matter what the situation is, Kate has that innate ability to act.

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A third word I would personally use to describe her is athletic. Kate is involved in sports and does not shy away from a challenge. She loves being a team-player and giving it her all.  She has always been athletic and loves sports, particularly she loves playing Lacrosse and soccer.

After high school, Kate plans to attend a college in at SUNY Plattsburgh in New York State.  She would like to become either a nurse or a speech pathologist.  One thing is certain, whatever she decides to do in life, she already has the foundation to excel at it.  Good luck in your senior year and college Kate! Not that you need luck, for certainly your personality, skill sets, and your ambitions are all that you need. 

Our senior session took place in two stages.  The second set of images we captured were taken at high noon on a hot summer day where (no lie) it must have been 100 degrees in the shade.  Kate, operating on little sleep, was a great sport throughout!