Ogdensburg Figure Skating Club: Exposition of Competitors January 2019

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph some local beautiful talent over this past week. As a teenager, my friend and I would grab our skates and hit an ice skating rink at (what was then called) Burnet Park Zoo (now Rosamond Gifford). They sharpened skates on site for a couple of bucks. We would spend the entire day there. We never took lessons, but in between open skating times there would be groups and lessons being taught. So while off of the ice, we would stick around and soak in everything we could about what the skaters were being taught, and once open skating was open again, we would go out and try to practice what we had observed. I learned how to stop, turn, go backwards, do teeny tiny jumps and spin (two feet).

And it was so much fun!

I can only imagine what I could have learned had I had something like the Ogdensburg Figure Skating Club every Saturday and Sunday during my formative years to provide training, guidance and encouragement.

The images portrayed below are just a sample of the images from the 2019 Exposition of Competitors at the OFA Dome.

At the bottom of the blog are links to pages to either purchase prints or connect with someone from the skating club to ask about signing up next year!

Ice skating = freedom = happiness

2019 Exposition of Competitors LR WM-1.jpg
2019 Exposition of Competitors LR WM-14.jpg

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