Christopher R: Headshot

I love the arts and talented artists. Musicians. Painters. Photographers. Writers. Poets. Actors.   I do not want to ever imagine a world without these creative and visionary souls.

Christopher walked into the studio today and I was instantly taken with his smile.  It's simply phenomenal! 

It seems that whenever I have photographed high school senior males, they have had a natural instinct to assume a theatrical pose; serious and non-to-minimally smiling.  This is what a theatrical headshot is made of and any photographer is likely to see the beauty of a non-smiling face when every mom on the planet is standing behind the photographer silently screaming, "SMILE YOU #$%^& brat!!!".  Theatrical headshots are fantastic and even during senior sessions I am excited by them.  They can make some of the most gorgeous portraits you've ever seen.

Young Christopher is a local avid actor and singer and he has that something special that just you just do not find everyday. He has this gorgeous hair that wows you when light hits it. Here is this lad striking a theatrical pose.  Look at the color of that hair!!!

If you haven't seen any of the Bad Lip Reading videos on YouTube, you should give some a listen. They are great to listen to while working to capture some Commercial Headshots. Christopher was jamming to "SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now)" during the session. What a fun and catchy song.  Just can't get it out of my head. You will not be able to get it out of yours.

 He is laid back but not shy. If you ask him to sing and dance to loosen up, he will. Throw a fedora or top hat on him and he is instantly charged up and ready in character.  His confidence is magical. 

If you are an actor/actress/musician/performer, etc. and you are heading off to get yourself some headshots, do not forget to have fun!!  Even if you head there thinking that you want one theatrical and one commercial shot, you just might find that one shot that you're not sure what you want or need it for .... but then there it is.   

Christopher will be heading to the Big Apple for some auditions.  We don't have to wish him the best of luck there because he won't have to rely on luck. He's dedicated and talented enough (and don't forget handsome and personalitied enough) to earn those on his own merits.