Maternity: Alysha

Alysha traveled all the way from Fort Drum to have us capture her maternity session.  Then we traveled another 40 minutes to another location from there.  Overall, this made for a very long day for all.  

Initially I was super excited to get a wagon so that I could transport my gear, then I began to despise the handle on the wagon as it would not extend out any further than it did. It's my fault for trying to save a few bucks and purchase in desperation instead of shopping around more.  

We loaded this up and set off to our location. There were bugs and mosquitos everywhere.  Oddly, the mosquitos weren't biting.  Other visitors to the site said that the black flies were not very nice though. Lots of bugs just flying in our faces.  We were there for one set and then decided that we would head back and capture some sunset shots back at my home base. 

Some of the images we got from traveling are stunning and well-worth the trip.  I would certainly do it again.